MushroomsStkd2I try to capture the little things in life that are all around us and provide the beauty in our world, just by being in it. For me, it’s the way of the Romantics. Idyllic and Pastoral! We only have one World and one chance in it, so we should savour it in every way we can.

I wish to show the extraordinary within the “ordinary” through my Photography, show a meaning in a moment: there are many and varied. All around us is wonder. All too often in this day and age we’re constantly drawn away from what’s already beautiful and in front of us.

Constantly throughout our days there are hundreds if not thousands of messages telling us negative things:

Wars are happening everywhere
We’re destroying the Environment
We’re not good enough
What we have isn’t good enough
We need this or that to be better
Images of Death & Disaster
Human kind’s inhumanity

We’re consistantly assaulted with the idea anything that’s positive or good is somehow “less” important or not worthy of our attention.

I want to help people pause and see the wonder and beauty that’s there to find, right nearby without too much effort and free to all to see. I invite you to look and experience Glimpses of Inherent Beauty. I hope you enjoy what you see here. I encourage you to see some aspect of something here that gives you pleasure and will stay with you even if you don’t chose to take it away as a print.

This Site sells only Prints. I want you to have something tangible, vibrant, “real” and that you can choose to integrate into your own space in this world in whatever “framework” you see fit. There is positivity in the world and it has substance in all it’s forms.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing a Shard.

Craig A. Menzies.