Delving into Unexplored Spaces…

Lately I’ve been experiencing a renewed motivation in my photography. Much of this is with the encouragement and support of an artist friend for which I’m very grateful. She’s encouraging some collaborative projects and regularly […]

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Surprising Results…

Several weeks ago I sold a larger format print which has encouraged me reconsider my current position on Poster Size prints. My client insisted I get one for her to assess committing to pay for […]

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Pre-Spring Clean…

I’ve been updating material in the shop and also changed the available size prints, and the prices have been adjusted (lowered) accordingly. I’ve also now implemented Tax as a separated item in the cart before […]

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Shooting Landscapes…

It’s interesting how although I can appreciate beautiful landscapes when looking at them, and find it easy to appreciate such view, capturing what I consider to be an interesting or captivating view for and image […]

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Searching for the Elusive Hobbit in NZ…

Well I’m currently in the South Island of New Zealand generating some new Stock for the site and having a little bit of a look around at the same time. I’m amazed at how beautiful […]

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Update Time…

Well the site has had it’s first “point” upgrade since going live, and the initial testing didn’t find any issues, but it’s always once you go live that the problems are going to manifest. The […]

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Open for Business

Well at some point you have to just say “enough tweaking” let the work in progress cease to be in progress and just BE the PIECE! So I’m open for business. I’m sure there’ll be […]

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Work Done Now Tidying Up the Surrounds…

Well there have been some very helpful suggestions, some of which I’ve implemented and other I’ve either decided to put on hold for a while or won’t do. However I’ve am very grateful for those […]

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Beta Testing…

Well the Test Site is up and out there for invitees to test. I hope you can spare me about 10 mins to wander about and click here or there. Pretty much everything is as […]

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Launch Time Approaches…

Well testing on the development site is going well, should be up by Friday easily at this stage. After some troublesome administration issues, all critical problems have been resolved to my satisfaction. Now I can […]

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