Shooting Landscapes…

It’s interesting how although I can appreciate beautiful landscapes when looking at them, and find it easy to appreciate such view, capturing what I consider to be an interesting or captivating view for and image has been a different story for me.

Shooting many Landscapes was certainly not what I was interested in early on when I renewed my relationship with Photography. But as I’ve started spending more time shooting, over the last couple of years I find that often the wildlife isn’t playing the game for the day: sometimes it’s best to look at other opportunities to present beauty in the simplicity of what’s already in front of my eyes. That said, I find that to NOT shoot, just because I think I want to shoot one thing or another over & above everything else, denies my Raison d’être!

Yes I love Macro Photography, but I love shooting Flora & Fauna of all shapes & sizes, basically whatever’s available. I’ve always appreciated beautiful views wherever I am, but now I have a new appreciation for the Landscape shot as well. It’s there already, but just like anything else, I can in the way I compose the shot, how I choose to expose the shot, how I choose to post-process the shot can encourage the viewer to appreciate some aspects of that view they may not have otherwise considered. I can massage the moment so to speak to bring out more for others to see who weren’t there at the moment.

True not all views are equal, but in most locations there’s a story to be told, it just needs someone to interpret it. If I can see part of the story I think I need to try and pass it on to others. I can still achieve my fundamental premise of helping to provide a positive and fresh view of the world for somebody.

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